Virtual Reality

February 21, 2019

Virtual Reality - How modern day advances are taking hold of the Architectural Design World.

Here are some of the main benefits for having a home designed in Virtual Reality.

VR Technology and what this means for us

VR Technology is changing the way architecture companies design your home - now you can see your project with your own eyes, before a single brick has been laid.

The emergence of virtual reality applications for architecture has been one of the big stories of the past few years. VR will become an integral part not just of presenting a project, but of the design process as well.

VR Technology and how it can help your project

For many design-led industries, the biggest challenge is often convincing the client that the finished article will look just like — or better than — the 2D or 3D representation.

No matter how talented the designer, it can take a leap of faith and a vivid imagination from the client to get them on board with, and excited by, a design idea.

Architecture is no different and that’s why virtual reality for architecture and design could help transform this industry.

VR Technology is a game changer in our Industry

VR technology has so much potential for architects and designers. From initial design mock-ups, to project collaboration, through to the finishing touches that make a building design go from good to great, virtual reality possesses the capability to really sell an idea better than any other medium.

As an immersive technology, it will transport users into a fully interactive 3D environment, giving them the opportunity to explore a virtual representation of a particular room, floor, or building design as a whole.

Yes, we offer this as a service!

Many of our clients have benefited from this immersive experience by experiencing their home created in a virtual world, before any building work has started, so they know their investment is going to be worth while.

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