Here are some common questions we get asked.

If none of these answer a potential question you may have, feel free to drop us a line!

What Is The Process?

We begin every process with some simple contact details, with these details we can either get you booked in for a FREE site meeting or we can prepare a FREE quotation for our works. Which comes first can depend on the properties location.

Are There Any Discounts?

Yes, as we offer fixed fee architecture we do occasionally offer promotional discounts and offers. As well as this, we allow every client of ours to join our affiliate programme free of charge! These affiliate benefits do change month by month, to get our current offers, contact us today!

How Much Will It Cost Me?

All of our quotations are personalised for our clients, their needs and the property itself. We offer fixed fee solutions for every proposal, all we require is either details of the property and the proposed works or an initial site meeting. We will always aim to turn quotations around within 48 hours from the date of communication or a free site meeting.

Can I Amend My Drawings?

Absolutely! Given that the majority of property extensions and/or alterations are carried out by families within their own home, we must ensure that the largest investment of your life if carried out correctly. We offer a completely free, unlimited design stage (our 'preliminary design' stage of works) with all of our quotations.

How Long Will It Take?

Our timescales do alter from month to month depending on workloads and each proposals scale. Generally, we have surveys scheduled in within 2 weeks from signing up with us and initial designs being ready to view within 4-5 weeks from our survey date. We aim to carry out Amendments within our 'preliminary design stage' within 2-3 days at a time.

What's The Difference Between Planning Permission & Building Control Approval?

Most developments will require both Planning Permission and Building Control Permission to carry out any proposed building works. These are two very separate certificates which require very different approaches, timescales and fees. We would generally provide free quotations for each of these stages as we move through them, this allows for accurate fees and transparency from day one.

How Can I Contact You?

We are always available! We offer 1 to 1 management with all of our design packages and applications. This is vital in order to have our projects run smoothly while also respecting the fact that the average homeowner will do this ONCE in their life.

How Long Until I Can Start Building?

If you're proposal simply requires Building Control Approval then the answer is within 6-8 weeks to have the paperwork. If your proposal requires Planning Permission as well as Building Control Approval then this time could be more than doubled depending on the Local Planning Departments workloads and timescales at the time of submission. Give us a call today to discuss your proposal!

Do I Need An 'Architect'?

No. This is why we are very proud to say we are Architectural Designers by trade. We are very proud to boast our insurance detail on our website, check them out! By being Architectural Designs we can offer fixed fee services as opposed to percentage based fees.